5 January – ” La Pasquarella “

An ancient tradition in which men and women (the so called “Pasquarellari”) dress in folkloric costumes and go singing and dancing throughout the town’s streets to announce the birth of the Messiah.

17 January – ” Festival of St. Anthony ” –

An unusual country festival in which local farmers bring their animals into the town to be blessed. An atmosphere of great happiness is created for both children and adults.

Last weekend of February -” The Black Truffle Market ” –

The streets of Norcia come to life with stands displaying local gastronomic specialties and artistic products, while Cantastorie (singing storytellers), actors and musicians dressed in lively costumes, moving throughout the ancient town walls brings us back to the distant middle ages.

20 March -” St. Benedict Celebration ” –

This festival arrives along with spring and Norcia celebrates her world-famous patron. Born in the 5th century A.D., Saint Benedict is hailed the Protector of Europe with the fascinating “Pro Europa Una” parade taking place in a different European city each year, arrives in Norcia the evening of 20 March, thus symbolizing the unification of European peoples and proclamation of Saint Benedict’s message of peace.

21 March -” The offering of the Palio and the historic pageant ” –

An extraordinary historic reconstruction of ancient popular manifestations that brought the area’s inhabitants of the bordering “Castelli” to honor Saint Benedict.

Good Friday -” Good Friday Festival ” –

Easter celebrations begin with a grand procession of medieval floggers.
Moving along the town walls, they pass through the historic center, creating a unique and majestic scene along the Way of the Cross (Via Crucis) –

1st May -” May 1st Festival ” –

The night of 30 April – 1 May, the towns of Ancarano and Campi recreate an ancient tradition inspired by the continual cycle of the seasons, and celebrate the returning of the month of May with an antique pagan rite, in a way to favor the fertility of the fields, long trees with branches full of leaves and stripped of the bark are brought to the center of town, accompanied by cheerful songs and dances.

Second Sunday in June -” La Fiorita or Spring flowering ” –

On a date that usually corresponds with the second Sunday in June, the flowering of the piano grande of Castelluccio attracts large numbers of flower lovers from around the world. The Castelluccio plain is freed from the long winter frost and is blessed with a blanket of brilliantly colored flowers. A fascinating and breathtaking display that will take any visitor by surprise- all of the sudden from around the bend an immense flowered plain appears below the still snow-capped peaks of the Monte Vettore.

16 August – ” The “Sienti ‘npuò” Fair ” –

An ancient popular fair, in antiquity an occasion for trading livestock grown in the local hamlets, specialized artisans in various fields of expertise display their unique local products, in this rural ambience you can still hear the merchants yell out “sienti ‘npuò.”

8 September – ” La Madonna delle Grazie ” –

The Monastero delle Grazie in Norcia and the surrounding gardens are the backdrop of a grand festival, that begins with a outburst of song and dance, accompanied by local bands, to celebrate the birth of Mother Mary.

9 December -” Li Faoni or The Bonfires ” –

The traditional festival of the Faoni began on the exact date of 9 December 1291, when angels miraculously moved the house of Mother Mary of Nazareth to Loreto, passing through the territories of the Valnerina.
Still today Norcia remembers this legend with the great festival li Faoni, in which bonfires are built with broom branches piled around a wooden pole, and arranged among Norcia’s piazzas. In the homes, delicious focaccia is prepared while music is played and carols are sung.
On the night of 9 December, the enormous piles are lit, thus illuminating the way for the Angels. When the clock strikes midnight, all of the town’s bells toll to greet the Angels.